Ask about our bed bug inspection services in Owensboro, Henderson, KY and surrounding communities

"Don't let the bed bugs bite" is a funny saying until you're the one sharing your bed with blood-sucking insects. Advantage Pest Management, LLC in Owensboro & Henderson, KY provides bed bug inspection and treatment services for homes, apartment complexes and retail businesses. We use proven and effective residual treatments to eliminate bugs so you can stay in your home or business.

Call today to schedule professional bed bug treatment services and sleep more soundly tonight.

Do you have bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny and evasive, making them hard to spot and kill. Turn to Advantage Pest Management for a whole-home bed bug inspection when you...

  • Notice bites and scabs on your skin.
  • See little spots of blood on your sheets.
  • Travel somewhere and return with bed bugs.

If you think you have a beg bug problem, reach out to Advantage Pest Management right away.