Schedule termite control services in Owensboro, Henderson, KY and nearby communities

Termites are wood-destroying insects, eating away at your subfloor and walls until there is nothing left for your building to stand on. Advantage Pest Management in Owensboro & Henderson, KY offers exterior termite control services that can protect your home for years to come. We use a professional and effective treatment that works like a virus for the termites, wiping out their entire colony.

To eliminate active termites, schedule our preventive termite control service and know your home or business is protected.

Are termites hiding in your home?

Kentucky deals with one of the worst types of termites, called the Eastern subterranean termite. These are by far the most destructive termite because they build tunnels from soil to travel throughout your home and attack woodwork in all areas.

Our termite control service can eliminate these ruthless insects and prevent further damage throughout your property. Call today for professional termite control.